Best Straightener for Thick Hair

Alissa has always had issues with her long, thick hair. Everywhere she went, she’d get loads and loads of comments; some complimenting, however, some that would break her heart. You see, the thing is that Alissa had wavy, slightly coarse, thick hair which are really tough to manage. She never wanted to cut her hair short because she always dreamed of having flowing, soft, silky hair one day. But over time, they became more rough and uncontrollable. One day, she went to a salon that her friend recommended, to get a solution for her unmanageable hair. Her stylist was really helpful and gave her an idea, ‘how about we straighten your hair?’ Alissa was a bit skeptical about the results, but she still gave it a try. After 2 long hours, Alissa’s thick, wavy hair was transformed into flowing, soft, silky hair; all thanks to the best straightener for thick hair.

Were you in a similar situation, where you just didn’t know what to do about your uncontrollable hair? It’s a common thing with us girls because even I have spent countless, nightmarish days trying to style my hair with expensive hair care products. We see some products on television or read about them in fashion magazines, and are automatically convinced that they are the best. But have you stopped and wondered about their effectiveness or even quality? Finding the best straightener for thick hair (or any other hair type) isn’t an easy task. We take such good care of our hair that even a small amount of damage is unwelcome.

Keeping all these concerns in mind, we have put together this article where we will talk about the best flat iron for thick hair. And the reason we’re sticking to just one hair texture is because they are the toughest to manage. So, if you scroll down a bit more, you will see that we have given you several choices on best hair straighteners for thick hair. Hence, depending on the length of your hair, go to that particular section and find the best hair straighteners that won’t damage hair.

Top Rated Straightener for Thick Hair

Now as far as choosing the best hair straightener is concerned, I wouldn’t recommend you just look for expensive or cheap straighteners for thick hair. I’m not saying that the most expensive one or a cheap hair straightener will be the best. We all have different hair texture and accordingly to that, we need to select the one that suits us best. So try to forget about the price for sometime and just concentrate on the table of best straightener for thick hair.

Short, Above Shoulder Thick HairStraightening Irons
HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron

1¼” wide sapphire ceramic plates
25 seconds to heat: 170º F – 200º F
1 year warranty
Perfect on ethnic, thick, & coarse hair
One of the best hair straightener 2010

Solia Flat Iron

1¼” wide tourmaline ceramic plates
Max temp: 400º F
9 feet long cord
2 year warranty
Perfect on curly, ethnic, & rough hair

Medium, Shoulder-length Thick HairOzon Flat Iron

1” wide titanium plates
Tourmaline ceramic heaters
9 feet long cord
Temp: 180º F – 450º F
1 year warranty

Sedu Flat Iron

1 ” wide tourmaline ceramic plates
9 feet long cord
Temp: 180º F – 450º F
2 year warranty

Long, Below Shoulder Thick HairBaByliss PRO Nano Iron

1¼” wide titanium plates
LED temp settings
Max temp: 450º F
1 year warranty

Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron

1” wide titanium, tourmaline ceramic plates
Infrared heat technology – heats faster
Keeps moisture of hair locked
Temp: 280º F – 450º F

Are you still wondering what is the best straightener for thick hair? Take advice from hairstylists or someone who has thick hair and uses a flat iron. The more research you’ll do, the better the results. Don’t let your thick, unmanageable hair ruin your style.

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