Tourmaline Flat Iron vs Ceramic

To get your own flat iron, I think has become a necessity today. It is convenient than ever, easy to use and saves your time from frequent salon trips. There are numerous varieties of hair irons out there to choose from. The diversity is based on price, size, the output, longevity and so on. The list is great but then generically flat irons are of ceramic types and the much advanced tourmaline types. They both have their own pros and cons. We will try to access them and find out who wins the sport in tourmaline flat iron vs ceramic.

The tourmaline flat iron has been evolved from the ceramic flat iron which has evolved from the ancient metal plated flat irons. The metal plated flat iron had the ability of causing hair damage considerably. Hence, ceramic flat irons were made. These were more reliable as there was less damage to hair. Then, with the advent of the tourmaline flat iron, hair ironing was made simpler and healthier than ever. Tourmaline is a semi precious stone which is crushed and put between the plates of the ironing machine. It has a natural property to produce more of negative ions as compared to ceramic plates when heated, which ultimately results in quick heating and lessening the damage to hair.

Tourmaline Flat Iron vs Ceramic Flat Iron: Comparison

Mentioned below are few of the characteristics which will help you to make out the difference between ceramic vs tourmaline hair straighteners,

Damage to the Hair
As compared to the ancient metal plated irons, the ceramic flat irons prevents hair damage to a greater extent. But then, if compared with the tourmaline flat iron, no one can beat it. Since it produces more negative ions, it helps to nullify the positive ions making it straight and silky just like how you wanted it to be. Not that a ceramic flat iron can’t do it, but it’s just that tourmaline does it better. I think by far this can be a major contrast between tourmaline flat iron vs ceramic.

Time Taken to Stylize the Hair
Again over here, tourmaline flat iron turns out to be the best. It hardly takes 25 seconds from a tourmaline flat iron to straighten a section of hair. Whereas, the ceramic flat iron may take relatively longer time to do the same job. This directly translates that lesser the time required for straightening, lesser are the chances of the hair being damaged.

Availability and Variety
Most of the beauty products manufacturing companies out there producing high end flat irons, have a larger variety of ceramic flat iron as compared to the tourmaline flat iron. Strange but true, in spite of it doing more justice to your hair. However, very lately because of the popularity of the product, there have been quite a few varieties of it and also the availability has been bettered.

Since we now know that tourmaline flat iron produces more negative ions, it is at a better position than the ceramic flat ion. What happens is, the access negative ions produced helps to neutralize the positive charge found on dry or frizzy hair. It also helps in nullifying the excess of water in the hair which ultimately balances the moisture, reducing the frizz and also makes the hair straighter, smoother and shinier. Even for tough curls it makes curling hair with flat iron an effortless job.

The most distinct difference between ceramic and tourmaline flat irons is the price. Quite surprisingly, even though the tourmaline is matchless to any of its competitors, it is relatively less expensive as compared to the ceramic flat irons. It means it’s perfect and the best hair straightener for you.

So after all the discussions on tourmaline flat iron vs ceramic, I think you can figure out which one is the best for you. I would say, considering the cost and the effectiveness of the product, I would go buy the new tourmaline flat irons. But the choice is yours. After all what one wants from an iron machine is minimal damage to the hair, easy to operate, adequate heating, and longevity of the product. I hope you should be able to now figure out between tourmaline flat iron vs ceramic flat iron. Cheers.

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