Chi Or Fhi Hair Straightener?

I’m asian so my hair is really thin. It’s not that curly, but it’s just a little wavy when I wake up. I went to the mall and the CHI there is around $120-$140. This other place had another brand called FHI, which was reduced from $120 to $65. Good deal? The hairdresser said that FHI would be better to use on my hair, but I hear lots of people say CHI is way better. Should I just buy the FHI? It’s much cheaper and the hairdresser said it works the same since it was made from the same company.

I have some of the same issues as you. I’m half asian, but my hair is *really* thick. It’s wavy, and I just want it to be straight!
I have used the Chi before. I borrowed it from a friend, and it worked really well. I just can’t see myself spending $120 on one right now though. If the hairdresser says it works the same and is by the same company, I would just go with the FHI. It’s about half the price of the CHI.
I’ve also heard of a straight perm. I haven’t really looked into that yet, but just thought I’d throw that out there to ya!
Good luck!

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